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Sunyu Dream
service team:

jane jiang


Alvin Liu

Tel/whatsapp:+86 13551064530

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8:30 - 23:30

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Sunyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Our objectives:

Create more wealth for the enterprise, turn in the year by year growing revenues to the country and meet the ever growing material and spiritual demand of employees.

Our mission:

Produce worldwide first class Sunyu products, create well-known Sunyu brands and make due contribution for national industry.

Our responsibility:

Realize perfection of Sunyu products,and make users of Sunyu products rest assured.

Our motto:

Strive to make continuous progress instead of achieving temporary brilliance.

Our belief:

Get the concept that quality is the life of an enterprise melted in the blood of each employee.

Ingrain the belief that integrity is the basis upon which an enterprise relies into the mind of every employee.

Our working style:

Politeness is shown in the face, pride is hidden in the heart, kindness is bestowed to people, and talents are exercised in management of things.

Our principle of doing things:

Leading an honest life is more important than winning a transaction. Doing business honestly and honoring all of the promises as long as it is made.