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We are all Sunyu people, and Sunyu is our home.

Since its founding, Sunyu has upheld the enterprise culture of people oriented and treating people with honesty. The company regards every employee as their kinsfolk and every employee treats their work with due diligence.

Sunyu is our home, and every employee retains a deep affection for Sunyu . Employees of Sunyu mostly have many years or even more than a decade of service length in the enterprise, and there are also a lot of old employees who form the bond and pursue the career with Sunyu even from startup of Sunyu.

The company organizes the activities such as annual meeting and springtime excursion each year and holds the cultural recreation performance activitiesconducive to physical and mental health and various competitions which are jointly participated in by all employees and employees’families. All these activities not only provide some exercises for employees improve their health but also enhance friendship between employees, bringing full happiness to all employees. Sunyu suggests a stable enterprise, a vigorous enterprise which is full of positive energy and an attractive enterprise that make people reluctant to leave.

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