Sanyu Dream

Our goal:

● Create more wealth for enterprises, pay more taxes for the country year by year and meet the growing material and spiritual needs of employees.

Our policy:

● We should tap potential to tap new impetus, inject new vitality into reform, and open up new prospects through innovation.

Our mission:

● To produce world-class "Sanyu" products, create a well-known "Sanyu" brand, and make due contributions to national industry.

Our responsibilities:

● Make the "Sanyu" products to the extreme, so that users of "Sanyu" products can rest assured.

Our motto:

● Not for a moment of glory, but for continuous progress.

Our belief:

● Quality is the life of the enterprise, and it is melted into the blood of every employee.

● The integrity is the foundation of our foothold, printed in the minds of every employee.


Sunyu Machinery

It is a modern valve rocker manufacturing.

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No. 123, Gangbei 4th Road, North District of Modern Industrial Port, Pixian County, Chengdu

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